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Bday 2#

Dear Friends!

Ostello a Milano
Two years ago Babila Hostel & Bistrot opened its wonderful nineteenth-century door to the world, welcoming and hosting guests & friends who day after day enriched us with joy, love, trust and the best vibes. 
It was 7 am on the 1st August 2017 when the first guest, Mr. Han Cho Ming from Hong Kong, arrived in the facility and was greeted by Michele who, literally still in his pajamas and with the pillow marks on his face, made the first check in of our history, while the workers were giving the final touches and the reception was still a half construction yard. From Mr Han until today around 50,000 guests from over 170 countries have come to the hostel, staying here, making friends and sharing travel itineraries. Many of them left memories of evenings spent together among uncountable beers and chit-chatting in any language.
From day one we wanted to create a place where to breathe an international atmosphere, where people can tune in and enjoy the pleasure of being together, without barriers; in two years the Babila Hostel & Bistrot has become one of the meeting points of the increasingly cosmopolitan and open Milan and in these years of activity our Bistrot has been animated and colored by events of all kinds.
From the first inaugural concert with Cecilia Stallone and Missy Red’s Dj (set on September 15th 2017) our stage hosted about 40 of the most interesting bands of the city’s music scene. We had circa 120 live music concerts of every style, from rock, jazz, Brazilian groove, Rap & Dj, blues. We had the pleasure to have great artists on the stage, such as Rodrigo Amaral, Alberto band, Karma Creep, GrooveX, Sally Was 6, Motoradio, Beppe Semeraro and others, as well as various events of the project “Be Free On Stage – Open Jam Sessions” and crazy Karaoke nights. Artists have decorated our walls with art, addressing different themes such as travel, femininity, spiritual introspection, distance from home in the expat’s life, using techniques such as photography or painting. 
In our journey participated Chef Atif (who delighted the palates of an ever increasing number of patrons with his creations), Silvia and her Saturday morning yoga sessions. We organized brunches and aperitifs on the terrace, events organized for those who have chosen us to celebrate important stages of their lives. We are happy for the road that we have traveled so far and look  forward with confidence and trepidation  for our future.