“Mars and Martians”: a “red experience” to the Science Museum of Milan

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February, on the occasion of the exhibition Close Encounters with the Red Planet, the Museum of Science presents Mars and Martians, a weekend of interactive workshops, guided tours and virtual reality.

“The program”, the organizers write, “allows one to penetrate the most recent discoveries, future exploration projects and give space to one’s creativity or immerse oneself in popular culture inspired by the Red Planet”.

Specifically, through interactive workshops, suitable for both adults and children, it will be possible to experiment with the work of NASA scientists in the discovery of new solar systems, between the design of the trip of a probe, the movements of a rover on the surface of Mars and the cultivation of plants in space.

The virtual reality PlayStation®VR, then, will allow you to experience a landing on Mars and the Moon. The guided tours will introduce the large Merz-Repsold telescope to the public, with which Schiaparelli observed and described the surface of Mars. Finally, a special visit to the Space Area will be dedicated to the little ones with an engaging mission.

From: milanotoday.it

For the complete program: http://www.museoscienza.org/news/marte-e-marziani-2018/

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