Festival “Il mondo in un raviolo” Vol.2

The most “cosmopolitan” Festival ever returns!

The last weekend of January, do not miss the “Il mondo in un raviolo” festival

When it comes to stuffed pasta and, more specifically, ravioli, we immediately think of the festivities and the expert hands of the grandmothers who prepare unfinished ravioli. The raviolo is that dish that, during Christmas, is eaten, despite being full. Because as the grandmothers say “The raviolo goes down that is a pleasure, it’s like water and you can not eat it!”. The raviolo is a symbol of family, of union and, above all, of celebration. The ravioli, for us Italians, is an invention of our own, a dish that marks tradition and our generations. And if we told you that ravioli is not eaten only in Italy? The raviolo is in fact one of those “historical” dishes, which are eaten all over the world, with different variations depending on the different culture. There is the Chinese ravioli, the Indian ravioli, the Korean one. In short: the whole world is ravioli! And we like to think that, in every part of the world, there are nice grannies ready to teach the tradition of ravioli to subsequent generations, to revive, every day, the atmosphere of family celebrations.

On the occasion of the eleventh birthday of Eataly we have therefore decided to celebrate with our family: you, taking one of the festivals that you liked the most!

From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th January, we are waiting for you for our festival “Il mondo in un raviolo”.


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