Salone del libro usato Milano 2018


The Salone della Cultura is born from the heart and reaches the heart. Or rather, it springs from love for everything related to “culture” in the full sense of the word. We Italians, surrounded by beauty, we walk in an open-air museum and we often forget that it is important to remember what our ancestors have put into their lives to leave us with such heritage, rightly defined as “humanity”.

The Culture Fair touches the deepest chords of people’s sentiment: we immediately perceive that the driving force is given by the love of understanding, of popularization, of bringing to the general public exhibitions, events, courses deeply studied and sought after. The care of every single detail is one of the components of our success: to care about the reader as the collector, turn to the boys to show them that reading is growing, that sharing a project is easier than building one yourself, grouping and involving workers from every corner is the true soul of Italy, the land of saints, navigators and poets. In other words, of “masters of doing”.

And this skill we at the Salone della Cultura try to infuse it in all our actions, because “giving” is the only legacy that we human beings can transmit to our children and to future generations.

Here, we at the Cultural Fair intend to donate experiences of culture, whether it be in the modern book or in the ancient or used book, or represented by the exhibition of photographs or courses for adults and children, because in each of us there is a poet or a writer. In tracing our origins let us remember that we are the sons of the sons of the sons of Michelangelo and Leonardo and Dante and Ariosto, and it is good to know that the love for culture is nourished day by day, with the constant presence of being rather than ‘to appear, because true poetry is the art of “doing”.

This is our love song for culture, addressed to the Italian citizen who needs to rediscover and savor the declensions of the thousand worlds linked to the book and to the ideas connected to it.